Youth pastor dating youth

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Youth pastor dating youth

I remember feeling like there must be something wrong with me.Some people date a lot (which I’m not a huge fan of), some people barely date until they find their future spouse, and some people never get married.Tony and Matt embraced and in moments we were hearing story after story after story of the amazing things God is up to in Matt’s life at Moody Bible Institute. Hopefully, his future bride can find this blog very useful.;) Matt gave Tony a pretty sweet compliment tonight – “Ya know Tony, you would have been a great youth pastor even if you didn’t go to college for it.

I don’t mean to complain, their stories are always entertaining.

If you don’t have romantic feelings about someone then dating them isn’t a good idea (don’t say “yes” just because someone asked and you feel bad for them); but that doesn’t mean you should date someone just because you have feelings for them. There’s a lot of pressure to be in a relationship, but that’s a bad reason to get into one.

I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was a senior in college, so I am very aware of the pressure you may be dealing with.

The next couple hours were spent at Menards and Lowes.

Long periods of shopping don’t typically make for an ideal day for Tony, but he’s really good at keeping himself entertained despite having to shop.

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Some people just have it, and you have it.” I agree.