Women dating marriage from finland

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Authorities in Finland cite strong cultural differences and say more needs to be done to help integrate Thai wives into the Finnish way of life.

More Finnish men are visiting Thailand with the deliberate intention of finding a wife or relationship partner, while others meet young Thai women casually while on vacation.This report is based upon a recent report by the Ministry of the Interior that states over 100 Thai women in Finland suffer domestic violence, or are involved in the sex industry.However, the paper goes on to note that between 800 and 1,200 Thai women are believed to live a satisfactory life as a housewife in Finland.They are also frequently impressed by the faithfulness shown by Thai women to their husbands.While most such cross-cultural marriages thrive and have endured, some have not, and some Finnish men have difficulty understanding the tie of Thai women to their family: when they marry the woman they also marry her family.

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According to Statistic Finland Chief Actuary Matti Saari, although the 2004 tsunami led to a collapse in Thai tourism, the number of marriages to Thai women actually increased.