Whm disk usage not updating

Posted by / 23-Dec-2019 06:12

Whm disk usage not updating

If you are getting this error and you are not on a VPS or a Dedicated server, you will need to contact tech support to have our systems support check the server disk space.You can check your Disk space usage through shell or you can check the disk space through the WHM.c Panel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening.

If I change my c Panel password, will it affect my other passwords?

If you notice you are not able to connect to your c Panel, Webmail, or WHM and your website is slow and giving errors, your server may be maxed out on the disk space.

A common error you may see is like the following when going to your c Panel. The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space.

While local backups may be convenient at times, they tend to be useless when a server failure occurs.

3) Delete c Panel File Manager temp files When users upload files in File Manager within c Panel, File Manager creates a temp file that may or may not get removed upon upload.

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The purpose of this article is to show you how to check the disk space through shell.