What does pity dating mean

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What does pity dating mean

In such circumstances, pity sex, charity sex, expedient sex, and faked orgasms become more .

Im very depress with my situation now, with my wife because she is not active in sex, when i please her she always say lets have sex tomorow morning. i think shes not really in loved with me or not atracted with me..

In any case, sex is very rarely a simple physical act.

It is typically loaded with many emotional attitudes that involve issues beyond the present moment.

In pity sex, the pitying partner does not to have sex with the one she (or he) pities, as she (or he) is not physically attracted to him (or her).

In charity sex, you consent because you believe your partner wishes it or will benefit from it, because, for instance, he is feeling somewhat low at the moment, and sex will boost his mood.

In the optimal circumstances prevailing in profound love, the three attitudes are very positive: The person is pleasantly excited before sex, is joyful during sex, and has a positive, calm mood after it.

In drunken sex, a one-night stand, and sometimes extramarital sex, people might enjoy themselves before and during sex, but not feel good about it afterward.

Many people have sex because they think they "should," rather than because they actually want to. Consider the following description, again by a woman, of her pity-sex experience: "I've been friends with this guy for five years. I WISH I'D NEVER SLEPT WITH HIM." A similar description of a pity-sex experience was provided by another woman: "I would say my sex drive is about zero right now. Like a one-night stand, pity sex is an isolated occurrence; but unlike a one-night stand, pity sex has an altruistic element intended to give pleasure to the other person, but not necessarily the one who pities—after all, pity is not a pleasant emotion.

"In college, I knew a guy who was very nice, but physically unattractive," one woman says.

"We became friends and I found out he was a virgin and had never had a girlfriend before. And what is the difference between pity sex and "charity sex"?

Faking an orgasm—that is, pretending to derive pleasure to make your partner feel good—is somewhat similar to pity sex.

However, faking an orgasm is more limited in scope, as it involves merely one aspect of the sexual act, while the rest of the experience can be enjoyable.

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I wish you the best of luck I'm quite shocked that you would post this question on a message board rather than ask your wife.

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