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Validating feelings

Part of human nature is to be understood, feel wanted and needed.

Learning to validate our feelings and those of others builds emotional bridges.

There are often barriers that impact our willingness or ability to follow through with this healing step. • If I validate, they will get stuck in complaining about their problem.

This is a list of some fears or barriers others have noted in their attempts to validate: • If I validate, I won’t be heard (or my pain won’t be understood). • If I validate others, their emotions will escalate and get out of control.

Validation nurtures emotional safety, honesty and expression of underlying emotions.

It is important to remember the purpose of validating.

You feel like you don’t matter, your feelings don’t matter, and you have built up a lot of resentment. ” When we attempt to validate, we want to use a lot of hedge words or possibilities so we are exploring with the person what they are experiencing.

After a statement of validation is shared, stop and listen to what the person says next and then try to help justify those feelings.

Establishing these basic connections lays the foundation for emotional safety.

It is this safety that allows us to go out into the world and accomplish our daily tasks.

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Validation is not agreeing with their emotional experience, it is reassuring them that it is okay for them to feel the way they do.