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Posted by / 23-Jan-2020 22:33

When the screenless i Pod shuffle was originally introduced in 2005 as an all-plastic i Pod, it was simultaneously designed to kill demand for cheap i Pod rivals and satisfy a highly price-conscious segment of the music player market.

It succeeded, and though Apple has kept the feature set pretty much the same for a decade, it has dropped the price.

With a 8-hour battery life, compatibility with MP3, WAV, and WMA files, and an inexpensive price, we couldn’t recommend it more. We’ve got several projects coming up that are beyond exciting to us.

It appears to have little hard information beyond internal model numbers, but based on those speculates that the Shuffle and Nano will see only the color changes spotted in i Tunes 12.2, while the Touch may receive a more substantive update …

Yesterday, according to several news sources, Apple made some change-ups in their product line; they discontinued both the i Pod nano and the i Pod shuffle, in all their variations.

For those of you who are feeling the pull of music streaming services and their convenience, our new Delphin player will be the way to go.

The Delphin has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, a waterproof touch screen, and an Android operating system, and enables you to listen to music from Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud in a way that was not possible with the i Pod shuffle.

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None of the updates to it ever seem to make it more usable; it's a clunky, slow piece of software with an unresponsive interface.

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