Updating intellisense visual studio 2016

Posted by / 09-Oct-2019 19:45

These same diagnostics are also provided to the error list window.If this window is not visible, you can bring it up using View-Error List or the hotkey chord “Ctrl \, E.” In this case, you should be looking explicitly for errors in header files, and starting at the top of the error list window.

However, what is the proper recourse for the Intelli Sense engine when an .h file is active in the editor?This is fairly straightforward in the case of files: these are natively compiled and understood by the compiler.However, the situation is less clear for .h files, as these files are compiled only in the context of an associated file.Often, this is because the Intelli Sense compiler has a more strict interpretation of the C standard than the build compiler.In these cases, you can usually work around this problem by fixing the error reported by the Intelli Sense compiler.

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This is something we have addressed in SP1, but even still, the error window can be a good place to start investigating performance issues.