Updating ginger jar lamps

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One way to adjust the ambiance of your lamp is through lampshade material.

When choosing lampshade material, decide between a translucent or opaque fabric.

Take a look at the following tips to help you pick out the right lamp and lampshade for your space — every time.

First, consider these components when choosing a new or replacement lampshade: The first step to picking out a lampshade is to examine your lamp base.

Statement lampshades are all the rage, but shopping for one can be a shady business.

Between picking the right color and size, to deciphering the lingo (empire vs. From the best shade shapes to consider for your lamp, to a handy formula for picking the perfect size, we’ve got you covered with this all-inclusive lampshade guide.

The location of the lamp will also determine its use. Maybe it sits on an office table or in a back room surrounded by antiques.Especially when in dark colors like black and gray, opaque shades are distinctively modern.Beyond translucent and opaque, lampshades fall into two broad categories: hardback and softback.Besides complementing a lamp base, the right lampshade must suit the room, the furniture and the theme.It must be balanced and draw enough attention to be noticed, but not enough to dominate.

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Sometimes, choosing a shade to match the furniture instead of the lamp creates harmony within the room.

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