Updating clob in pl sql slow dating guy

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Updating clob in pl sql

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE read_file IS 2 src_file BFILE := bfilename('MY_FILES', 'scheduler.pdf'); 3 dst_file BLOB; 4 lgh_file BINARY_INTEGER; 5 BEGIN 6 7 8 9 -- lock record 10 SELECT resume 11 INTO dst_file 12 FROM sam_emp 13 FOR update; 14 15 -- open the file 16 dbms_lob.fileopen(src_file, dbms_lob.file_readonly); 17 18 -- determine length 19 lgh_file := dbms_lob.getlength(src_file); 20 21 -- read the file 22 dbms_lob.loadfromfile(dst_file, src_file, lgh_file); 23 24 -- update the blob field 25 UPDATE sam_emp 26 SET resume = dst_file ; 27 COMMIT; 28 29 -- close file 30 dbms_lob.fileclose(src_file); 31 32 33 END read_file; 34 / Procedure created.Elapsed: .68 SQL exec read_file PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.This is the difference to the way that data of LONG or LONG RAW types is stored in database - tables hold their immediate values. The next sample routines show how to upload a file from hard disk to server and download it back. Read Bytes(stream Length), 0, stream Length) ' Perform INSERT Dim command As Oracle Command = New Oracle Command( "INSERT INTO Pictures (ID, Pic Name, Picture) VALUES(1,'pict1',: Pictures)", connection) Dim param As Oracle Parameter = command. Another issue you should be aware of is temporary LOBs. To execute these routines you have to create a table that is described as follows: Public Sub Upload Blob(By Val connection As Oracle Connection) ' Open file on disk Dim stream As File Stream = New File Stream("D:\Tmp\test.bmp", File Mode. Read) Dim reader As Binary Reader = New Binary Reader(stream) Try connection. Regards, R 22275, 00000, "invalid LOB locator specified" // *Cause: There are several causes: (1) the LOB locator was never // initialized; (2) the locator is for a BFILE and the routine // expects a BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB locator; (3) the locator is for a // BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB and the routine expects a BFILE locator; // (4) trying to update the LOB in a trigger body -- LOBs in // trigger bodies are read only; (5) the locator is for a // BFILE/BLOB and the routine expects a CLOB/NCLOB locator; // (6) the locator is for a CLOB/NCLOB and the routine expects // a BFILE/BLOB locator; // *Action: For (1), initialize the LOB locator by selecting into the locator // variable or by setting the LOB locator to empty.For (2),(3), // (5) and (6)pass the correct type of locator into the routine.The difference with usage of LOB data type becomes evident when you need to access these fields in DML and PL/SQL statements. For BLOB and CLOB data types only LOB locators (pointers to data) are stored in table columns; actual BLOB and CLOB data is stored in separate tablespace.

There are 2 syntaxes for an update query in Oracle depending on whether you are performing a traditional update or updating one table with data from another table.Since you can't list more than one table in the Oracle UPDATE statement, you can use the Oracle EXISTS clause. Table1 ID CLOBTXT 123 null 456 Testing Text I want to update the CLOB field in row 123 with the clob field from 456. I can insert the data from 456 into another table so I know it is reading it but I just cant update the 123 row. I am new to CLOB and am trying to learn about how to handle them.// For (4), remove the trigger body code that updates the LOB value.Hi, Just remove these lines from your program: 25 UPDATE sam_emp 26 SET resume = dst_file ; Leave COMMIT (this is to save the changes and to release the lock on "FOR UPDATE") That should be all, and your program should run properly. LOADFROMFILE procedure already copies the data drom file to BLOB, there's no need for UPDATE statement.

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