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A must-read for every woman with a good marriage – desirous of a better one!You’ll enjoy the humourous, frank, yet tasteful presentation of this intimate information.I think I hung on to my online persona as long as I did so I could give myself options… We’ve reached our first major milestone though: I gave him a key to my house. If he isn’t, I’ll be back in business here on my blog in no time. He is so wonderful with my kids, and I love his girls.

He texts that he misses you, and cannot wait to see you. If you try to pin him down for plans more than a week in advance, you will find yourself standing on shaky ground, never being sure such arrangements will come to pass until you are in the midst of them. Surely he has made his intentions known to you over and over again. You may feel like you know them because he speaks about them constantly.

Paid dating sites can end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year without a single date.

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In this readable, practical, Biblically-based book, you will learn: How God Views Sex; How Your Past Affects Your Present Sexual Life; How Men are Wired Sexually; How the Seasons of Mariage Affect Your Sex Life; How to Discuss Your Sexual Relationship With Your Mate; How to Make Romance a Part of Everyday Life; How to Creatively Affirm Your Husband Inside & Outside the Bedroom; PLUS How to Plan Sizzling Sexual Encounters, Events, and Escapes.

Gain a fresh understanding of his unique needs & how you can meet them!

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