Teen tips on dating

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Teen tips on dating

Social and cultural pressures plus the layer of explicitness, speed, and secretiveness that technology adds makes the idea of healthy teen relationships seem impossible.It’s definitely different than when I was a teenager, but the experience of handling and expressing feelings and desires is still the same.The same goes for breaking up: Don’t put it off because you feel guilty or don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.The kindest thing is to be honest as soon as possible.Phone calls and in-person conversation have been replaced with texts, sexts, Instagram tagging, and Snapchat streaks flying at all hours.Teens rarely seem to go out to the movies or for an ice cream, but might go out in a group.

Besides, hook-ups and sexting, while thrilling, have the potential to be anywhere from demeaning to abusive.

Stay true to what’s important to you, whether that’s your values, friendships, or beliefs.

Be open about how you feel about sex, boundaries, parties, drugs, and anything else that comes up between you and whoever you’re with.

Stay in touch with how you feel, both emotionally and physically.

It may seem awkward at first, but not being honest becomes even more awkward and potentially dangerous later on. If the person you’re with doesn’t respect your wishes, get out of there or get help (including calling or texting me).

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I might not be in on all the details of my daughter’s love life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tidbits of advice for her.

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