Students and online dating Isex chat app

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Students and online dating

Roberts ’13-’14, an inactive Crimson News editor and former Ok Cupid user.

“People are in long-term relationships or people hook up a few times and then it’s over, and there’s really no in-between.” Whether in response to a limited dating scene or simply as a means of meeting people outside the Harvard bubble, Harvard students are increasingly turning to online dating as an alternative—a way to supplement their sexual and romantic lives.

You’re still young, you’re still in college,” says Michael Hughes ’15, who is in a long-term relationship with a student he did not meet online.

And yet, meeting new people can often become more difficult as one progresses through college.

The stereotype of online daters as social recluses eating fast food as they hunch over a computer monitor and talk to strangers thousands of miles away still lingers in the public eye.

The history of online dating plays a large role in the development of this negative perception of the practice.

The lack of dating at Harvard may not only be a function of time constraints, but also one of space constraints.“Harvard’s dating scene is almost nonexistent, so I was sad about it and that’s why I decided to join [Date My School],” she explains.Since joining the online dating site, Trujano has gone on multiple dates with students from MIT and Harvard’s graduate schools, much to the envy of her friends and, it would appear, Harvard at large.“Here at Harvard I have had no experience offline dating,” says Linda Trujano ’15.Despite the wind and chill of a brutal winter day, Trujano radiates an easygoing warmth, with her wavy, highlighted hair perfectly coiffed, cheeks bright pink from the cold.

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“Online dating was basically dominated by geeks,” says Sam A. Yagan, founder and CEO of Ok Cupid, and now the CEO of, was an applied math concentrator at Harvard.