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“It was out of the ordinary just lying there,” he recalled.

“I had to go see what it was.” After his kids oohed and aahed at his discovery, Ivanoff tucked away his find.

The penmanship was worn but legible, and, as Ivanoff recognized from language classes in college, written in Russian.

” He woke up hours later to 500 shares on the post and messages from friends of friends offering insight into what it said. From the Russian Far East Fleet mother ship VRXF Sulak,” it read, according a translation on BBC. ” Botsanenko had tossed his message into the sea when he was 36 years old and serving aboard the Sulak, a ship he told reporters he helped construct and then sailed on until 1970. under Leonid Brezhnev, the premier at the time Botsanenko threw the bottle, and Joseph Stalin, who ruled almost two decades earlier.That’s when a green bottle in the sand caught his eye. 5, and showed his children the glinting bottle with a cork cap and piece of paper curled up inside. ” his 8-year-old daughter exclaimed, Ivanoff recalled in a Sunday interview with The Washington Post.Ivanoff uncorked the vessel and pulled out a wrinkled sheet with a message crafted in blue ink.The captain studied a photo of the paper, growing teary-eyed as he recognized his handwriting from decades ago. “It looks like my handwriting,” he said, according to a translation provided by Russia-1 to KNOM.

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He claims that at one point during that time in his life, he was the youngest captain in the Pacific, at just 33 years old.

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