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Over the years, the most commonly accepted terms have come to be “deaf,” “Deaf,” and “hard of hearing.” “Deaf” and “deaf” According to Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, in We use the lowercase deaf when referring to the audiological condition of not hearing, and the uppercase Deaf when referring to a particular group of deaf people who share a language – American Sign Language (ASL) – and a culture.

The members of this group have inherited their sign language, use it as a primary means of communication among themselves, and hold a set of beliefs about themselves and their connection to the larger society.

Overwhelmingly, deaf and hard of hearing people prefer to be called “deaf” or “hard of hearing.” Nearly all organizations of the deaf use the term “deaf and hard of hearing,” and the NAD is no exception.

Yet there are many people who persist in using terms other than “deaf” and “hard of hearing.” The alternative terms are often seen in print, heard on radio and television, and picked up in casual conversations all over.

This label is technically inaccurate, since deaf and hard of hearing people generally have functioning vocal chords.

Whatever the decision, the NAD welcomes all Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and deaf-blind Americans, and the advocacy work that the NAD does is available to and intended to benefit everyone.(Source: , by Jack Gannon, 1980) In later years, “dumb” came to mean “silent.” This definition still persists, because that is how people see deaf people.The term is offensive to deaf and hard of hearing people for a number of reasons.Again, because deaf and hard of hearing people use various methods of communication other than or in addition to using their voices, they are not truly mute.True communication occurs when one’s message is understood by others, and they can respond in kind.

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Some people believe that the term “people with hearing loss” is inclusive and efficient.

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