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Serious woman for dating

Our Compatibility Matching System © makes online dating easy. We concentrate on the things that really matter to you - like humour, intelligence and values - to ensure all your dates are the 'can't get you out of my mind' kind.

We're not just here to help you meet compatible singles.

View Success Stories Few of us have time to spend making conversation when there's obviously a lack of chemistry.

Why go to all that effort when you can review your matches online, and go on better first dates that lead to something meaningful?

First, I thought very carefully about what I wanted in a match, and then I narrowed my search until I got only about 30 men within a 100 mile radius. I received replies from dudes who were clearly not reading my profile and instead sending messages to anyone with a picture. About a month after I sent all those messages, I finally heard back from one of the recipients. In retrospect, my revised approach to online dating was similar to the way I approached applying for a job.

Every search criterion was an essential, with only one element being a “nice to have.” I limited it by faith, marital status and education. I looked at what I needed and then signaled interest.

Online dating can work; more specifically, it can work for you.

Online dating has helped introduce thousands of compatible singles.

Read their success stories and discover how it could work for you, too.

But one day, after a guy contacted me, emailed me long, detailed messages for over a month, met me in person, then proceeded to ghost me, I decided to get serious.

My relationship status hadn’t changed, so I knew my game had to. I continued with my search (still the same broad criteria) and pattern of messaging.

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With 35 years of experience in bringing people together, we constantly work to refine our matching process and find you a date which will last a lifetime.