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Savannah georgia transexual dating site

Georgia and local laws usually stipulate that the rabies tag be securely attached to the pet's collar.

IDENTIFICATION In addition to permanent identity and rabies tags, both dogs and cats should be provided with special travel identification tags.

Information Traveling with your Pet Because pets have an instinctive fear of new surroundings, pet owners want to help them adjust quickly.

This article will provide a checklist of things to do to see that your pets will be happy--courtesy of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines.

Receipt of an interstate health certificate from the state of origin may be requisite to issuance of the permit.

Your agent can help you select the best way to transfer your pet, offer helpful suggestions, and assist with, or take care of, any necessary shipping arrangements. Take pet to veterinarian for checkup and health documentsapply for entry permit if one is needed; inquire about sedation for pet; obtain pet's health record; schedule second visit to vet if necessary; ask your vet to recommend a colleague in the new city. Representatives of the state department of agriculture are usually present at airports to inspect any pets arriving by air.

A luggage- type tag with space on both sides for writing is excellent for this particular purpose.

The tag should include the pet's name, your name and destination address, and the name and address of an alternate person to contact in case you cannot be located.

If the pet is excitable, or prone to motion sickness when traveling, ask the vet to prescribe medication for it.

Also ask if a colleague in your new area can be recommended.

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Have your pet examined by your veterinarian well in advance of departure date so there will be time for any treatment or inoculations recommended.

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