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Stella then ended up leaving Ted at the altar and got back together with her ex, Tony, the father of Lucy.

Later in season 4, Ted ran into Stella and Tony and they were eventually able to clear the air.

Ted first met Stella in the season 3 episode, "Ten Sessions." Stella was Ted's dermatologist tasked with removing his infamous lower-back butterfly tattoo.

Ted struck up a relationship with her shortly after but he worried that Stella was taking things too slowly; Stella had a daughter, Lucy, from a previous relationship so she had rules about dating.

Her first credited role as a singer came in 2004 where she performed the song “That’s The Way (I Like It)” for the “My Porcelain God” episode of .

Sarah made her theatrical film debut in the action thriller film Y2K as Myra Soljev.

"Before getting Scrubs (2001), I had always threatened myself I'd have to become a dental hygienist if I quit acting - to me, that would be the hardest job.The extremely lithe actress credits the workout with building her core strength and boosting her energy levels.By performing exercises like the dancing chair, sidestep kicks, warrior twist, and modified alligator push-ups, Sarah manages to achieve a total-body workout in the least amount of time.Since many years, she has been a follower of the Xflowsion workout method which combines yoga, martial arts, and dance into an hour and 15 minutes workout.She has also mentioned about her aversion to hitting the gym as doing the same exercise day in day out is not her cup of tea.

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It took the two a bit of time to understand each other's approach to life, but by the end of the season, Ted proposed and Stella accepted.

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