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Round free camera freetsat roolet cam

One being the 'Shotgun' T-bucket that I just missed, and Mike Key's 'Photofantasy' T among others. Fingers crossed we will have a long list of great interest to everybody, and you never know what could come of it all. The Candy Man ---- If I remember correctly, Speed Freak has been dropped and tubbed, kind of ironic now that Gassers are back in style!

I don't know how many years to go back before you can call it 'old', I'll leave that up to you. Perhaps it's a sign of how long the rebuild has been going on for ..40Stude ---- Hope this fits this topic,from Tony Smiths site..

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Design your disc cover to your liking with the Nero Cover Designer.After reading about the Cars of Yesteryear thread I have decided to try and transfer the data over from the old forum.(hopefully saving Doug too much work) I have tried to condense it as much as possible keeping the names of who posted them but not when they were posted. (TRANSFER IS NOW COMPLETE 28/5/08) Wish me luck, 'I am just going IN, and I may be some time'. I don't know if this will work, but after numerous conversations, articles in our magazines, and recently alot of questions (me included), on this forum and others about, where are they now? Many thanks to Rabid Hamster from the Mods for retrieving and assembling all this good stuff!I'll start the ball rolling with Nick Butlers 'VITAMIN T', the 27 T Coupe built in the 70's and well on it's way to recovery after a quick rush of blood to get the car back on the road. Crossfire Rob KEV PLUM CRAZY BELONGS MEL GARRARD, THE DAD OF THE BOY WITH THE GASSER J40. THE BLOKE THAT OWNS HENRY HIRISE IS BACK WORKING ON IT FOR THE TIME BEING.I KNOW WHERE THE BLUE 'FLAKE T BUCKET IS THAT WAS PICTURED ALONG SIDE GEOFF JAGOS OWN GREEN T IN THE FIRST ISSUE OF CUSTOM CAR. AL ---- Desperado T is now ( 2/3 years ago )owned by a local hi fi comapny.

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Last I heard, the restaurant closed after about a year & the architect rang me to see if I wanted to buy it back.

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