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Some years later they met at a shop in Beverly Hills as she was browsing photographic books about Africa, thereby establishing a mutual interest.

By the timeshe met him for the third time, at a cocktail party during a tennis tournament in which Powers was playing, the die was cast.

“I thought all that has ever been written about Bill is going to remain the standard by which everybody judges him,” she explains.

Powers was divorcing her husband Gary Lockwood and was a free agent.

Holden was already divorced from his wife Brenda Marshall and there was nothing to stop them.

But in that terse one line lies the entire history of actor/director relationships. His last female companion was the love of his life and an impressive woman in her own right: Stefanie Powers.

Once the golden boy of Hollywood he spent his final years on a ranch in Kenya, conserving African species under threat and drinking himself to death.

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It was only in her absence that he fell off the wagon, clearly encouraged by his old drinking buddies such as his accountant Frank Schappe, with whom he would go on binges for several days.

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