Real time updating of files

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Real time updating of files

/XF [files] Exclude files matching given names/paths/wildcards. /MON:1 Monitor source; run again when more than 1 change seen.

In some cases, you want to edit the files form different devices, so it is necessary to keep two folders exactly the same. A real time file sync task has been created, and then the program will monitor the folder which is set to sync.C, If the file is still in storage, it means update failed. So, how to get real time stamp for your recorded files?We can update real time into system, then get real time stamp via system's clock.Watch 4 Folder v2.3 - a small (802kb), portable (no installation) and powerful monitoring tool to monitor folders and files activities.It is simple to use and to set, it can monitor 15 types of events and trigger different actions in case an event occurs. And in principle the Sync Center within Windows7 would provide that but in another fashion: you only have to set a network folder as Always Available Offline.

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How do I get my file folders to update in real time?