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This is because in the 1950s, primary, secondary, and tertiary education, including university education, was made free and converted from English medium to the local languages.

This led to a rapid expansion of educational opportunities amongst females.

Well, I am a 33 year old Moroccan man of Amazigh descent.

My origins are to be found in the southeast of Morocco .

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While Sri Lankan women enjoy a relatively higher status compared to the rest of South Asia, gender ideologies that adversely impact women are still very much predominant in Sri Lanka.

Women continue to be seen as “dependent wives” or “supplementary earners”.

Most women in Sri Lanka are literate in Sinhala and Tamil.American in Germany for a while to help with family business.I will be enrolling in a language class but for right now Im looking to meet someone who speaks at least some English. I consider myself as honest Kuwaiti man, loyal, funny, intelligent, caring, gentle, understanding, sincere, faithful, family oriented and I like to travel, cooking, gardening, painting, jogging , watching movies and Im.. Traditional familial responsibilities of a female, especially as a mother, constrain women in their choice of employment, as do her family’s and society’s attitudes towards certain types of employment.Although half the labor force in professional, semi-professional, and middle-level employment are women (with education and health services being the traditional fields of employment), very few women have been able to advance beyond the “glass ceiling” to reach high-level decision-making positions.

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Despite this, dropout rates were higher among girls especially in low-income urban neighborhoods, settlements, and backward villages and amongst rural Muslim communities.