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Note that Quicken Bill Pay isn’t free as you must pay subscription for it.

Quicken Bill Pay currently costs .99 per month for the first 20 payments with every 5 payments after that charged at .49 per batch.

The enhanced Bill Pay in Quicken 2017 for Mac means that Mac users can finally pay their bills from most banks within Quicken, including small and regional banks.

The Bill Payment Services are provided by the same handlers as on Windows – Metavante Payment Services – and Bill Pay works just as well on Mac as on Windows now.

There are even more issues when importing Quicken for Windows 2010 files or higher.

All account data will import except budgets and transaction attachments.

After Mac users were let down by a lite version of Bill Pay in Quicken 2016 for Mac, it seems that the new product development team at Quicken have finally listened to the complaints of Mac users and added a fully functional Quicken Bill Pay for Mac in Quicken for Mac 2017.

All of this information is updated in real time as Quicken updates it from your financial institutions.

Before, switching from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac was more confusing than it should be, partly due to the fact that the interfaces were quite different.

As a result, it’s now much easier to migrate between platforms.

For example, this is how the new look Quicken 2017 for Mac Home tab looks: And this is the same screen on Windows: Quicken 2017 also looks sharper than previous versions of Quicken too, partly due to the fact that it’s finally been optimized for high resolution displays also.

In general, Quicken 2017 does a much better job of bringing all of your essential data together in one place via the Home tab than previous versions.

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The absence of loan amortization schedules in Quicken 2017 is a particularly disappointing oversight as it seems crazy that you can’t easily track something as simple as mortgage repayments or car loans in a personal accounting software for Mac as big as Quicken.

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