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Portal not updating ad information

This is what I get when trying to set up the customized interval to e.g. The time interval you set should appear next to the Customized Sync Cycle Interval parameter.To monitor and manage directory synchronization, you can use the Synchronization Service Manager console: If you need to limit the synchronization to only selected Organizational Units (OUs), you can use the filtering option in Azure AD Connect. Before adjusting any filter options, disable Azure AD Sync Scheduler.In addition to that, Active Directory information, such as department, city, office, is used by Exchange to generate address lists, by HR systems to update employees' benefit and payroll data, etc.If this information is incorrect, it can lead to disorder and support calls thus reducing efficiency of the whole organization.You can configure the Self-Service Web Interface to display only the information that users need to see, customize the form used to edit their personal information, define what operations users can perform by themselves, customize the Active Directory search capabilities, and much more.

Using Adaxes Web Interface, users can add or remove themselves from distribution lists or even security groups, provided they have appropriate permissions.

NOTE: all actions below are performed on a test Office 365 environment.

If you unchecked the “Start the synchronization process when configuration completes” box in the Configure section in Azure AD Connect, you need to start the synchronization manually. To check the current state of the synchronization settings, use this cmdlet: To customize the sync interval, use the HH: MM: SS format, e.g. NOTE: Setting interval time under 30 minutes is not supported.

To avoid this, it is essential to enable users to change their passwords via a web-based interface.

Adaxes Web Interface for Self-Service provides a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use search feature that lets users quickly find out necessary information about their colleagues, managers, partners, customers, etc.

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Every password reset, user info update, group membership modification in Active Directory involves skilled personnel whereas users can quickly and easily perform these tasks for themselves.

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