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If you are ready to TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LOVE LIFE, then you are ready for Julianne's Date Coaching Program!This is a one-of-a-kind boutique coaching program designed to take the mystery and confusion out of dating, giving you a clear path to finding the love of your life.I've been through a lot these past 40 years — good, bad, and ugly; you might as well benefit from my mistakes, successes, and tragedies, (in addition to my education).I want you to feel comfortable, and I will always be respectful, supportive, and compassionate with you, even if you need a little tough love at times.To qualify for this position, candidates must: Applicants receive extensive training via phone and email in order to learn how to apply the Mars Venus coaching protocol.This program is designed by and based on the books of Dr. The training you receive will not carry over to any other personal or professional experience.You can have the relationship you desire and deserve!As your dating coach, Julianne’s dating advice will help you maximize your dating experience and help you increase the opportunity of meeting that someone special.

This job is especially suited for those who are looking to supplement their income, or who are less concerned about a “big” paycheck in the beginning, i.e. Telephone coaches receive calls anonymously at the location of their choice and Ask Mars Venus brings clients directly to the telephone coaches through various marketing methods.

Telephone coaches are only paid for the time they are actually connected to a coaching client.

As 70% of our calls are from repeat (regular) callers it can take between 30 and 90 days before your income can build to a consistent amount.

Once you start taking calls it is up to you how well you do.

You must know the material and be understanding and engaging enough for the caller to request to speak with you again and again.

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