Password an error occurred updating the password file

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Password an error occurred updating the password file

I received the error at the start of this post first up when I copied the project and tried to build it.This Solved my problem: Open your VS Project Double click on Package.appxmanifest Go to Packaging tab click choose certificate click configure certificate select from file and use that unity or anything else created I got the same error.However, the "Developer Command Prompt" installed by Visual Studio adds additional information that usually includes the correct location.Based on your post that would look like This must be run from the location of your PFX file, if you have the solution loaded in VS 2010 you can simply right click on the pfx file from the solution explorer and choose Open Command Prompt which will launch the 2010 cmd prompt tool in the correct directory. After entering the password, the project will build OK.Corruption with user password history file occurs due to various reasons and causes users and administrators NOT to allow a change to user passwords.The pwdhist File Purpose is to maintain password history information.

See I had the same problem after moving my Windows installation to an SSD. My solution was to open the project file in Notepad and remove all references to PFX keys.Solution There are two ways to solve this issue: As the original author of the work around on the connect bug report, there are TWO variants of this message (I've discovered later) For one variant you use (usually if you are doing strong naming) to import the key to the strong naming store.The other variant for which you use certmgr to import is when you're codesigning for things like click-once deployment (note you can use the same cert for both purposes). Nothing worked for me, but then I went and looked into the certificate manager (mmc.exe).Since the upgrade we continuously get the following error: Cannot import the following key file: To correct this, try to import the certificate again or manually install the certificate to the Strong Name CSP with the following key container name: VS_KEY_3E185446540E7F7A I've tried using the SN.EXE utility (Strong Name Tool) to register the key with the Strong Name CSP as the error message suggests, but whenever I run the tool with any options using the version that came with Visual Studio 2010, SN.

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