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Furthermore, tea and toast culture is common and most will enjoy bakery items rich in butter and high in calories.Parsi weddings, and Navjot menu normally consists of wheat chapattis, pickles, cheese, or potato wafers, fish sas, chicken dishes, oil soaked pulav dal, lagan nu custard (milk condensed eggs and charoli), doodhi halwa, kulfi etc., Most will also have alcohol and fried snacks before meals.Computerisation of the process of registration of marriages necessitates the need to preserve data in electronic form and aid that the incumbents get a fair trial in the event of any dispute arising out of the marriage, viz.The article is one in the series of articles related to glycaemic management in festivals across all religions in India.

Overall responsibility to ensure that the policies and guidelines for "MARREG" are properly implemented shall rest upon the Government of West Bengal with O/o Registrar General of Marriages exercising oversight function.

Indian J Endocr Metab 2015;0-2How to cite this URL: Joshi AS, Varthakavi PK, Bhagwat NM, Chadha MD, Parmar G.

Indian J Endocr Metab [serial online] 2015 [cited 2019 Aug 31];0-2. 2015/19/5/680/163210Parsis are important members of Indian society are a group of followers in India of Iranian prophet Zoroaster a prophet of seventh century B. Originally, from greater Iran, they migrated to India to avoid persecution by Islam.

Parsis are also fond of bakery products and sweet breads and cakes along with bun maska and chai are popular. Healthy breakfast options rich in fruits and proteins like egg recipes are encouraged.

Meat and nonvegetarian stuff is in abundance and avoiding red meat and oily preparations is advised.

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Most Parsis, however, cannot live on what they call ghaas phoos (grass and hay), and therefore, consider eating eggs as quite acceptable and some go on even further to believe that eating fish or even fowl would be perfectly legitimate "aquatic creatures with fins and two legged fowls are not Goshpand."Essentially, a food-loving community a good diet and exercise counseling can be of great help in management of diabetes among Parsi's.

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