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Online distance dating

If you would rather some co-operative play, check out Portal, a tricky puzzle platformer that will have you working together to complete puzzles. Having shared boards can be a really fun way to work with your partner.

Of course there are plenty more games to play online, its just a case of finding the right one for you. Pinterest is a great tool for creating shared collaborations with your partner. You can make a date of it, discussing your ideas, or add pins separately and see what comes of it.

Going on dates become a rare treat, for when you are lucky enough to be with your partner in person, and even daily activities such as shopping must be done on your own.

The internet has revolutionised online dating, and now more than ever it allows long distance couples to have amazing experiences together, even when miles apart.

A slightly quirkier online activity, this involves quite a bit of preparation, but it can provide a fantastic date for any occasion.

Chelsea and I even used this to celebrate our one year anniversary.

These are becoming much more popular now that it is easier to not only access maps of exotic locations and landmarks, but also interactive virtual guided tours.

You will soon forget the distance between you as you both cook in unison.You could also try Wix or Moonfruit; all allow you to create a simple blog from their easy to use templates, giving you time to focus on writing personal messages to your partner.If you would prefer to keep things a little more private, check out Penzu for an online journal.Being able to do these kind of activities bring long distance couples together, and give them the opportunity to experience things that might not normally be possible.This is the classic online date that most long distance couples start out with.

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When they do, you will have an unforgettable online date, seeing what your partner thoughtfully packed for you.