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This also works if you encounter abuse from a potential match.

If you’re being pressured into revealing intimate details or being asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with, then report the person to the online dating service.

Now the expert in her field is warning Derbyshire women to meet online users with caution, after seeing some of the crimes committed when people met potential partners online.

This is something which hit the headlines last June, when Molly Mc Laren was stabbed to death by a man she met on Tinder after only knowing him for a few days, and the Midlands case of schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood who was groomed online before being tragically killed, with this case featuring in the series ‘Swipe Right for Murder’.

Instead, make a fresh email address and even consider using Skype instead of your real cell phone or home phone to make a call.

46 - Derby, Derbyshire Happy world traveller looking for someone to share nice sunsets I’m a happy funny person looking to accentuate my life.

Until you know this person, be very careful about telling them where you live.

A common way of sending inappropriate pictures to people is to entice them away from the dating site to messaging on Whats App and text, where it is easier to send inappropriate or harmful content.“I have worked hard to try to communicate to the public about forensic psychology and complex issues relating to crime and risk, and after being asked to give expert commentary for news channels like Sky and the BBC, alongside giving input to documentaries and new dramas in recent years, I was delighted to land a spot on ‘Swipe Right For Murder’, but it did make the risks seem all too real.” “Statistics show that one in five people between the ages of 25-34 now meet their partner online.and the online dating industry has grown into an industry worth over £1.7bn.Instead, attempt to tell stories about yourself to showcase your individual characteristics and talents.Otherwise you may find that potential suitors won’t take your profile earnestly.

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It’s relatively plain to use a word processor to type your ‘About Me’ section and then copy and paste it to the website.

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