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We played the same online game and we began to talk and I had a major crush on him for his deep voice.

He lives on the other side of the world so I didn’t anticipate anything more than a crush, but he’s made my life so much better!

Over the next 6 months he helped me leave my abusive, alcoholic husband (now ex).

He supported me as I made my decision to leave after 9 years of marriage. I married when I was 21 and my husband was not a good guy.

I have been fishing again for someone to date, and since I usually am working or at home doing things, I have chosen the online dating thing.

My problem is the ONLY women who show any interest in me have been obese. I have never really let the physical attributes be a big factor before, but now I feel I have earned the right to be a little bit more picky. What is it about me that seems to only attract the big women?

The only thing I want to address, Katie is not whether this is infatuation that’s doomed to crash and burn. My only close friend who did this fell madly in love with a woman in Europe, proposed to her via Skype, she moved in with him in the U. Congratulations on falling in love with someone that you wouldn’t have previously considered. It’s quite a feat to find someone who you are attracted to on different levels, so congratulations on finding someone who has made such an impression on you!

If you want to be accepted for the benefits you can bring into a relationship and the love you can offer a partner, you need to look past outward appearances and search for something a little deeper.I am totally turned off by this and, although I have been open-minded all my life, now I want to make a change, and I actually would like to date someone who is not big, not way outta shape and so forth. I am only 5’7″ or 5’8″ tall, and kind of skinny at 150lbs, with blond hair and blue eyes. I would really like your opinion on this, Wendy, along with the commenters’.That said, I also do not want a skinny rail or a Barbie either. — Not a Chubby Chaser This line truly sums up your letter best: “I have been open-minded all my life and now I want to make a change […].” The truth is, you were never open-minded.You have no more “earned the right to be a little picky” than, say, a woman who has dated nothing but, oh I don’t know, .The truth is, there are leagues in dating, as in “She’s out of your league.” It may not be polite to discuss, but we all fall into certain leagues based on what we offer aesthetically, intellectually, emotionally and financially.

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There are certain attributes that are more desirable than others.

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