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In terms of writing, the film offers a mix of mostly newcomers and a few established talents - who all seem most concerned with seeing just how much gunk they can scrape out of the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

To call "low-brow" would be a tremendous understatement; without spoiling anything, it'll take about five minutes for any viewer to realize that whatever intellect or decency they brought along with them should've been checked at the door.

Most of the segments will shock and (slightly) appall even the most hardcore raunch-com fans - especially when that offensive or gross behavior is being done by some of the most famous or respected thespians in the biz (why they all agreed to do this, only God knows).

Aside from the cast mentioned above, we get cameo appearances from many other famous types (too many to name here), who also go for broke in terms of making the most absurd and raunchy comedy that can be squeezed inside of an "R" Rating.

"gusto" to fulfill his girlfriend's (Anna Faris) gross erotic request; A grocery clerk (Kieran Culkin) has a dirty verbal sparring session with his jilted ex-lover (Emma Stone); A CEO (Richard Gere) listens to the concerns of one of his executives (Kate Bosworth) over the hazardous nature of the company's sex doll-styled i Pod; Boy Wonder Robin (Justin Long) tries out speed-dating, only to be c-blocked by his buddy, Batman (Jason Sudeikis).

The idea for the movie to create a modern remake of Kentucky Fried Movie - was conceived in the early 2000s.Still, in the era of comedies that try to balance raunch with smarts and/or sentimentality, This movie could never hope to achieve anything above the very low bar it sets for itself - but it certainly comes pretty close to maintaining that low standard throughout.Definitely not a cult-classic like (and I imagine a fair number of the actors in the cast wouldn't cry if this film was overlooked), but it will make for a fun rental down the line. Only if you're riding a sick buzz and want something gross to giggle at along with your equally demented friends.Whether you like toilet humor or not, a few of the joke ideas would at least on paper look quite funny.However, the timing of the jokes somehow never seems to be right and many gags drag on for just too long.

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