Moms looking to hook up

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Moms looking to hook up

After a while, she said "I'm tired of pretending to be calm" then she started to slap at me and took her heavy book and tried to hit me. Then I told her that I am sorry for the events that transpired and that I was only vaguely aware that her mom and dad were going through a rough stretch.I told her that her mom had initiated the kissing, but that I had initiated the sexy times.

The TV had a comedy routine playing in the background that was really funny, so mom and I get distracted, share tons of laughs and continue drinking. It got very awkward when my friend came back at around 3 AM that night and saw us two together.

Turns out she had already left to go partying with some of her friends.

I texted the set of mutual friends that were not currently partying with her but that I had invited to come over.

She got super pissed but refrained from hitting me.

She left the coffee place and I tried chasing after her but she wouldn't have it. Do I talk to the mom or should I try talking to my friend again? Code for "I'm trying to write a convincing story but have no imagination". You should speak to her mom first before you talk to her.

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I am pretty passive about the whole thing and then start getting aroused. She had been trying to talk to her mom, but her mom was being evasive, as I was earlier. She asked me why I slept with her mom and didn't come join her at the bar to celebrate her birthday.