Mods abledating

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Mods abledating

I would be more then willing to purchase these additions if they were offered for Dolphin how about you?let me get this straight, on the one hand you want a script with basic features, and on the otherhand you want a cutting edge script which beats off all competititon. The only consistent element in your argument is that you want it in double quick time.Your script looks like it could be a winner, possibly a big winner, but I can't conceive of buying anything that doesn't have payment features, with Pay Pal being first priority, including the ability for users to set up subscriptions (2Checkout might be second, although it would be interesting to see if Google Checkout could work with this kind of site).In fact, I've noticed that even os Date now has payment features.Facebook makes good money off of others that like to purchase items for their farm and I think this can be created with 3d world as well.

Some will defend the script because of the time and effort they have invested over many months of waiting and testing. Able Dating I bought this software and before that I contacted 4 people from this site gave me a very good reference of this software, one of them even by the phone.

See the for instructions on installing the visual updates.

I have 2 addition's I would like to see implemented into future dolphins whether it be modules or part of a paid dolphin.

I'm sure we've lost a few potential customers that were looking for a quick turnkey site.

We feel that while PHP Fox will give you an excellent turnkey, cookie-cutter solution, Social Engine is currently better tailored to slightly larger projects that will involve customization.

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Looking at Face Book's farm ville it seems people are starting to enjoy the virtual 3d interactive worlds.