Methods of dating archaeological evidence

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The module aims to outline the principles and methods of archaeological analyses, including aspects of dating, environmental and materials analyses, as well as theoretical perspectives and aspects of professional practice. 2008 Archaeology: theories, methods and practice 5th Edition. Neither is it acceptable to use selected archaeological evidence simply to illustrate history.Archaeological work in Britain is largely carried out by professional archaeological contractors who are required to 'clear' building sites of any archaeological remains as part of the planning process. Universities and amateur archaeological groups or individuals are more involved in 'research archaeology', and tend to excavate the same site over many seasons.

On rural sites, the soil is taken off to the natural subsoil.These are called non-invasive techniques, as they do not involve the destruction of the site.The main non-invasive techniques include: Right: Flixton Quarry, Suffolk: cleaning the site Excavation may also involve several stages and many different techniques.Archaeology is not about finding treasure, or about Indiana Jones or Lara Croft-style adventures!The discovery of information about people's lives in the past is much more rewarding and exciting to most professionals.

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