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He makes a very convincing case that Allen was son of a Richard Robinette of London (the proof includes baptismal records and a will.) Randolph concluded there is no evidence that Allen's family recently immigrated or that they were Huguenot.

He outlines Robinettes who had been in England for many years prior to Allen's birth and Richard's.

One branch of the family said the e was added to make the name look French.

In another, the e was added to differentiate one branch from another because of different persuasions, or sympathies, as in the Civil War.

Allen Robinett, the emigrant colonist to Pennsylvania, was born, probably in England about 1632; he died 5 June 1694 in Upper Providence Township, Chester (now Delaware) County, Pennsylvania; married 29 September 1653, London, England, Margaret SYMM, who apparently predeceased him, both buried, perhaps on their plantation in Upper Providence Township or in nearby Sandy Bank Graveyard (Friends', founded 1690) on "Providence Great Road" now in the Borough of Media, PA. Please send info for spouse John Foard and records for any children they may have. Michael Queenhithe, Middlesex, London, England, and died June 05, 1694 in Upper Providence Twp Chester County, Pennsylvania. Thanks Sheree Robinette [email protected] Descendants of Allen Robinette Generation No. He married MARGARET SYMM September 29, 1653 in Our Lady of Aldermanbury, Middlesex, London England. Michael , Middlesex, London, England, and died June 1694 in Upper Providence Township, Chester County, Pennyslvania. December 1718 in Conestoga Township Chester County, Pennsylvania. 378 More About SAMUEL ROBINETTE: Degree of Ancestor Intere: Banbury, Cheshire, Eng Fact 5: May 11, 1669, Saint Boniface Church, Bunbury, Cheshire, England More About MARY TAYLOR: Degree of Ancestor Intere: England Children of SAMUEL ROBINETTE and MARY TAYLOR are: 8.

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The e was accidentally added to a name on a birth certificate, and rather than go through the courts to get the error corrected, the name became Robinette. December 25, 1718, Conestoga Township, Chester Countym Pennsylvania.