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Note: All firearms, weapons and devices in transit through Canadian waters must be declared to the Goods listed in tariff item 98 (h), (i) and (j).

They generally include goods specifically designed or subsequently modified for military use, such as large calibre armaments, high explosive engines or any other war machine.

Actions are categorized as: air, spring or gas, bolt action, converted automatic, full automatic, lever action, multi-barrel, pump action, revolver, A loaded cartridge, consisting of a primed cartridge case, propellant and may or may not contain one or more projectiles, designed to be discharged from a firearm, including a caseless cartridge and a shot shell.

The distance from the muzzle of the barrel to and including the chamber.

(j) Information on the permanent exportation of registered firearms has been changed.This excludes accessories or barrel extensions such as flash suppressors or muzzle brakes.In the case of a revolver, the distance from the muzzle of the barrel to the breech end immediately in front of the cylinder.It establishes a standard method of describing firearms to assist in the goal of determining the legal classification (A member of the Canadian Armed Forces, an employee of the Canadian government, or a former resident of Canada returning to Canada to resume residence in Canada after having been a resident of another country for a period of not less than one year, or a resident returning after an absence from Canada of not less than one year.A legal exception that allows an old rule to continue to apply to some existing situations and/or when the rule will apply instead in all future situations.

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The following changes were made: (a) Receiver blank has been added to the list of definitions.

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