Kelli garner dating who should make the first move in online dating

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As of now, Kelli seems to have moved on from her past and seems to have found someone new.Kelli's is dating a guy named Zach Shield, who is a musician and singer of the band Many fans wondered if this relationship will be the one that will lead Kelli to marriage or will it end like her previous ones.Their romance seems to have passed the test of time as the pair are still together and happily dating.The couple even visited Costa Rica back in December 2018 and celebrated their new year in the Central American nation.Moreover, Kelli got linked up with a few other men in the past.In 2008 she was romantically linked with Erik Jungman, and before that, she dated Logan Marshal-Green for about three years from 2005-2008.

Tying the wedding knot might not have crossed their minds as both of them are busy with their respective careers.This blonde beauty, Kelli Garder is no stranger to being in a dating relationship.She was once in a famous relationship with While the two were in a romantic union, they were setting the bar for the rest of the couples with their steamy relationship.But, the two could not emerge victoriously and split back in 2014, after spending two years together.No significant details were disclosed about their relationship's end, but a source explained that they had opted to remain good friends.

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Kelli Garner is an American film and television actress, probably best known for her roles as Heather Swallers in “Bully” (2001), as Faith Domergue in “The Aviator” (2004), and as Margo in “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007).

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