Is mark foster dating colin jackson

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Is mark foster dating colin jackson

I’ve always been a doer but beneath that for me it’s about developing a mind-set for success.”“It’s great to have CALM on board.Having a procedure like a prostatectomy, for example, can save your life, but after the operation many men are left facing things like impotence and incontinence which can have a huge psychological impact, but there’s not always the mental and emotional support there.Since retiring from swimming Mark has become a familiar face on television and a household name.He is a successful motivational speaker, business man and male model, but he is also a founder and face behind the charity , which comes to Hove Park on 25 June to raise funds and awareness for men’s health causes.

This year we’ve grown to a series of 5k and 10k runs across six UK cities.

Of course some people will want to run competitively, but the emphasis is on doing something healthy, having fun and raising awareness and funds.”“I think it’s partly the way men are, whereas women tend to be much better at confiding or having check-ups. With men it might be due to awkwardness about opening up, or maybe a macho thing, or maybe in some cases down to fear.

I think often men will deal with health issues up to a certain level, but then might struggle to get beyond that in terms of processing their feelings and communicating them.” – the context is sport, which a lot of men love and are happy to engage with, and then the whole comedy Y-fronts over your running shorts thing introduces a level of humour about men’s bits that breaks the ice and confronts the taboo.

We’ve talked about how you’ve kept very fit physically, but how was it adjusting mentally once you retired?

“Mentally it was challenging and a huge change for me.

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Trying to live a more healthy lifestyle is an important factor in reducing the impact of these men’s conditions. I do myself, but I exercise every day to keep in shape.

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