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Intimidating sports chants

I understand that most of the country hates this thing, but there have been numerous times when starting a conversation with a stranger came directly because of it.

With such a strong national presence of grads, Buckeyes fans have no shame in yelling this out to one another on a daily basis.

Some may find it a little bit offensive, but it's all in good fun—and is now a part of the team.

Almost always coming after a poor call from a referee, every sports fans' favorite two-syllable "B" word is the one that we use to give our thoughts on the zebras.

The rallying cry of the USC Trojans and their fans, "Fight On" is one of my favorite things that college sports has to offer. That's because, after a long reign of getting his fellow fans involved in chanting it, Fireman Ed doesn't do it anymore at Jets games.

More than just the words, though, tossing up a peace sign towards the person you're saying it to makes it just a little bit cooler. And with the team not being as relevant in the years since, I don't think it's as great as it once was.

While calling all the hogs might be a weird thing to suggest in everyday life, when it comes to Arkansas Razorbacks fans, it's not even a second thought, as this is the cheer that gets their supporters riled up.

It's short, funny and something that Razorbacks fans love to do—even if it's not the most intimidating chant out there. " chants aren't fun to hear—after all, as a Kentucky graduate, it's the nearly the exact same cheer that us UK fans yell—but the New York Jets version has lost a little luster in recent years.

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