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Give six advantages of validating research instruments

In most studies, socio-economic status is typically measured by a composite of an individual's level of income, occupation, and level of education.The operational definition must directly relate to the construct definition.Therefore, the researcher needs to think of how to make that definition more concrete, or how it will be practically measured, a process called operationalize.The operational definition of a variable consists of a statement of specifically how the construct will be measured or implemented in the study.Measurement is typically done by developing an instrument, which can be a questionnaire, an examination, an interview, an observation schedule, etc.

For example, a causal-comparative study might classify participants into groups based on socio-economic status.

These variables will not pass through the measurement process, but instead will be manipulated by treatment and control groups.

For more information on manipulating variables, go to Step 11: Manipulate the Treatment.

It is very important that the instrument has been thoroughly critiqued, evaluated, and pilot tested by the student, supervisor, and others before it is administered for the actual study.

Once the instrument has been administered, it cannot be changed.

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For example, if a research study is examining Maths achievement of JS1 students, each unit of analysis (JS1 student) must be assigned a number that represents their position in Maths achievement.

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