Gay fetish chat and dating gay dating webites

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Gay fetish chat and dating

You can enter any fetish live chat with the click of a button and watch mistress's webcams, leather sex live, and more.

- Powerdildo (DB reward) was removed from the game.- New option: Romance with the BF a new path to the main story.- New clothes and places for each date with different options and results for each one. - If you decide to dump the BF after dumping the GF you'll be directed to the Mistress/Master story. - Fixed Doctor conversation during sex and breast change.- Sex shop week: Rework of the options and images added.- First week with Carlos: New option available if you fail during the first week. - Second week with Carlos: I dare you to do it without shaving. - Reward: Be a good slave and get your key back, fail and have fun with the punishment. - First week with Carlos: GF gives you her old lingerie to wear it.

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Overview: You will start with a male character living with his sister, during a special night you met an older woman which becomes your girlfriend. - Three different slaves to pick, each one with a different desire and a different ending, IF you're a good mistress. - Personal to Stripper: After becoming a pole dance instructor and developing your skills, you'll have an opportunity to work as a stripper. - Designer to Cam model: You helped develop a webcam platform, you met some of the models and now you're one of them. Pays less than Designer, but viewers can add an extra tip. Gifs: - New gifs to each job related to sex: Sex doll, Sex Maid, Stripper, Cam Model and Pornstar.