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With thunder in the distance and lightning crashing all around, love reigns supreme.

Join this beautiful couple for a quick kiss under the ionized sky just barely between the cold drip droplets of ...

” If you know you’re never going to want to see him again, try being brave and honest: “I’m not sure if we’re a good fit, but I did enjoy meeting you tonight.” 2.

Making Vague Weekend Plans You’ve probably heard a few different people you’ve dated say this: “Let’s do something next weekend.” If you’re like most people, you meet someone you like and then set out to make plans for a simple weekend activity.

It's difficult to turn a beach vacation into a romantic getaway when everyone's trying to do the same thing.

The mall is a great place for a makeout session, but that doesn't mean the other people ...This prom sweetheart is a major child star for Disney right now!And she's about to have an illustrious career as a movie star, but first, she needs to attend the Teens' Choice Awards Prom Spectac... Dress up and look great in stylish school shirts and skirts.If you’re easygoing, you probably don’t need to have plans set in stone.But if you’re more of an organized planner who likes to have dates set in advance, tell your date the truth outright – and don’t apologize for who you are!

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Will you hang out a few more times until one of you cools off and ends it?