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It didn’t help that Turkish men had great clown game, and were applying it with passion on girls I wouldn’t touch. On the handful of interactions I made progress on, I couldn’t isolate in the end.

Rolling solo in a regular city isn’t so bad, but in a resort location it was the death knell.

I am a single mother who cannot find love here in my country.

While the witch hunt was in progress, I made a video containing the argument that Green, who is mentally ill and in possession of a host of extremist beliefs, was absolutely not qualified to decide what content can be shown on Youtube.

It was worse than Washington DC, Copenhagen, and Riga, cities I’ve spared no scorn for.

It was so bad I tried to change my flight to leave sooner, but since it was the absolute peak of summer, all flights back home to Ukraine were full.

Experience changes your desires and your desires affect your experiences, reacting with each other in an imperfect and unbalanced equation that can leave you absolutely sure of your direction and path one year, but lost the next.

A jarring experience like the one I recently had in Turkey forced me to evaluate everything while I sat in my hotel room counting down the days until I could leave.