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Some families are willing to adapt their traditions to American society, while others try to retain a distinctly Indian identity. often find it difficult to apply Indian beliefs about raising children in American society. give girls much more independence than is traditional in Indian society, so many Indian girls raised in America are more interested in dating and eventually marrying outside of their culture.

may have a number of child-rearing customs and beliefs that differ from those of other U. families, depending on the extent to which the family tries to maintain their Indian traditions.

It was interesting to note the distinction between certain results from this survey.

All of the participants have siblings which was important in determining the closest possible sense of cultural gender bias, the family.

Those women who said that they would accept an arranged marriage felt happy to have someone help them out.It seemed sad that they would choose traditional values over their own happiness.One woman is actually being forced to choose between her family and her own happiness.Even though this appears to be the case, some women are satisfied with this decision.Some females are choosing to take a stand against traditional values while others are accepting them.

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From these three findings we are viewing the growing strength of women.

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