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agricultural producers thought those facts would begin to change this year, as U. Many lawmakers are receptive to Obama’s call to jettison a policy he says has failed for more than a half century to effect change in Cuba.

But in the six months since President Obama announced a new opening to the island, sales of U. “But my wheat’s still going to lose out to wheat that has been on a boat for a week from Canada, or even two weeks from France.” Yet despite a series of hearings, conferences, concerted lobbying and a stream of trade delegations to Cuba from both Republican and Democratic states this year, the embargo remains firmly in place, with little promise of early action.

Cuba on The Mind Politico Morning Agriculture Agriculture groups are hopeful Cuba won't fall out of the spotlight now that President Barack Obama has left.

Doug Keesling, a Kansas farmer and member of both the U. Doug Keesling: Doug Keesling is a fifth-generation farmer from Chase, Kansas.

A proponent of trade, Suppes and other Midwest farmers want Sonny Perdue to learn more about the needs of Kansas farmers, which includes a solid farm bill and adequate crop insurance. While this is a good start, American business leaders are still waiting for a breakthrough on the economic front. farmers are poised to plant winter wheat on the smallest area in over a century this autumn, as tumbling global prices and fierce competition push the world's former top supplier into retreat.

And in the process, Americans have lost touch with farms- and with the farmers and farm communities that produce the food on their tables. trade embargo on Cuba: The time is now High Plains Journal (opinion) Over the past year, U. The need to achieve a greater opening between the two countries commercially but also supporting and advancing the values that we care about is immediate. Farm economy and the health of rural America The Hill U. Better yet, in 2016, the price of fuel and fertilizer is down, and production is up.

Politico Most headlines generated by the White House’s big Cuba announcement on Friday focused on eased restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars, but here’s how the new rules, effective today, will benefit broader trade with the Communist-run nation. The White House announced new proposals that took effect this week, lifting trade restrictions with Cuba. Ag industry on alert as Clinton, Trump dig in on estate tax Politico Pro Hillary Clinton's defense of the estate tax may hurt her chances of winning over farmers who have long supported eliminating it.

Salina Journal From his farm near Chase, Doug Keesling is hearing concerns from farmers and others across rural America. Ag community pleased with Trump’s pick for ag secretary KSN-TV RICE COUNTY, Kan (KSNW) — Farmers and ranchers hoped to have someone with real roots in farming as Secretary of Agriculture.

When the president-elect announced Sonny Perdue as his choice, local leaders in the ag community said it’s a win.

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