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They have since gotten over it but Celine won’t forget it. Having so many children was financially very hard for her parents but they made due, initially putting Celine in a cabinet for her to sleep in.Celine and Michael were signed to the same recording company at one time.I never sang the song again.” To think that she doesn’t like the song all that much since it overshadowed the rest of her music.

My Heart Will Go On is probably Celine Dion’s most successful song.However, the world (and Celine’s family) grew to love and understand their relationship.Celine is one of fourteen children, the most talented of them all for certain.Celine herself knew she was a good singer but had didn’t realize the magnitude of her upcoming success.These days, Celine is known for much more than her hit song My Heart Will Go On, but also for her personal struggles and her ability to overcome them.

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Celine is a mother to three children, sons Rene Charles, and twins Eddy and Nelson.

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