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Bragging Rights: The go-to resource for relationships The Power Couples podcast offers an interesting and insightful conversation hosted by Brooke and Wilhelm Genn.

The married couple discuss how listeners can up their daily happiness levels by approaching life with enthusiasm, compassion, and understanding.

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She started the show after suspecting her friends were living vicariously through her dating stories.

Guests frequently include the dates themselves, the occasional ex and some of Kate’s friends.

URL: Bragging Rights: beyond the macho jerk and new age wimp Tripp Lanier hosts The New Man Podcast, a funny and fearless look into what works for guys and what absolutely doesn’t.

Lanier is a life coach who brings a unique blend of expert guests for topics like “How to Admire Women Without Being Creepy.” He embraces a principle of learning to approach women with no head games at play. URL: Bragging Rights: an easy-to-understand podcast Having worked with MTV and CBS News, this podcast comes from host Scot Mc Kay, who provides an irreverent and clever series.

The content is presented in form of a 3-step dating guide that offers important information about how to do away with neediness and make women become more interested in you.URL: Bragging Rights: love and sex advice from America’s sweetheart Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast, was created by Dan Savage in 1996.As an author, sex advice columnist and public speaker, Savage covers every angle when it comes to dating, sex and love.Topics are always modern, including “Not Letting Your Smartphone Sabotage Your Dating Life.” She’s all about empowering singles, and that comes through in every episode.URL: Bragging Rights: learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors Presented by “The Art of Charm,” Pickup Podcast is an ensemble show featuring dating coaches, relationship experts, best-selling authors, and “other professional badasses.” This is where self-motivated guys can learn how to approach women, start conversations, and basically become babe magnets.


Robert Glover, who has helped thousands of nice guys “transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males.” His advice is specifically drawn around making improvements to men’s professional careers and intimate relationships. Glover is the creator of “Dating Essentials for Men” and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

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