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During my formative months after having established VHOD, and trying to find a groove to follow with regards to the musical style of that act, I considered using this track as a pillar stone.I've always loved the song - though in recent times I have really tried to rework the riffs to reduce the amount of lightheartedness throughout (and I've not been successful).~ May 2019: SHADU-NAR-MATTARU is half finished recording the debut EP!

My intention is only to collaborate on an amazing piece of work. is a complicated and multi-faceted project which was spearheaded by sole member Christopher Ian Shaver in January 2014.It is, in fact, a song which first came into being back in 2002 while working on my DROL project.It was demoed in 20 and then later expanded upon in 2005.Same as above..a brief remix and off to cyberwaste.Clearly, I adore Metal, and it will always be my wheelhouse.

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However, opening up the VHOD (Doors) of perception and expanding in so doing, I now find a long unknown home for some old material, old ideas and a muthafuckin' space-lord-load of new ones.