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Many of them dream of finding a foreign guy that can ‘white knight’ and show them a better life.

Whether you want to meet sexy Thai girls on Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid or Vietnamese girls on Vietnam Cupid you will be quite happy with the selection.

Of course taking a trip to either place will be a lot of fun since they both have great nightlife, but remember this is more about finding a serious girlfriend or wife then having sex with bar girls.

For that reason we would suggest Vietnam as the women are more conservative there and you have a better chance of finding a ‘good’ one.

I quickly found out I had wasted a whole lot of money. Would you like to socialize with someone who is significantly older or younger?

You can fire up International Cupid, Ukraine Date or Russian Cupid and have thousands of younger women to choose from.

If you are super rich then the world is your oyster.

Most of us are not that lucky so we need to look for specific countries where we might have better shot at dating younger women.

You can chat with them online and get to know them and see if they are the type of girl you could see your self settling down with.

Then maybe you can fly her over to you, or you can take a trip there to meet your younger Russian sugar baby.

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The simple truth comes down to this, if you are an older guy that is looking for a younger woman it is going to be about money 99% of the time.

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  1. (Actual guys who are also nice exist, and in large numbers – a good indicator that you’ve spotted one is that he never whines about how women aren’t lining up to bang him because he held a door open. Like this clearly very Nice man, who sent the following to a lady on one dating site: Since you are DIVORCED, don’t have kids and don’t WANT kids you are obviously just looking for SEX. Clearly a Grade-A hussy, just trolling online dating sites for peen, and wasting the time of Nice Guys like him who see her profile and are then forced – FORCED!