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Dating polish girls

As for average Canadian, Poland is interesting country to spend time here for few months.It is not surprise that Poland attracts representatives of Canada by its pretty women.

Unlike in other nations where certain genders of certain races "gravitate towwards each other" and it creates awkwardness.

Have any of you ever dated anyone from another race? We haven't been dating for that long so I haven't met his family yet. It was a pleasant surprise because I was worried about visiting. I've been told it's because I'm a woman and visiting as a black man would be different...?

His family will never accept you." My cousin called me stupid and said he would never marry me because I'm black "Polish men don't marry black girls, they just use you for sex and then marry a Polish woman with the same culture". Only for 2 nights and I was surprised at how little stares I got.

On the off chance they dont it has more to do with them not liking you as a person than to you being of different ethnicities.

Many Canadians like to travel Europe and most of them are interested in trips to Central European or Eastern European countries.

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It's not that visible in Warsaw/Krakow when you are here for just two nights doing quick city tour. Smaller towns you're more likely to get unwelcome stares for being black, but remember this is just as likely to be from friendly curiosity than irritation at your presence in their beautiful culturally homogeneous white neighbourhood.

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