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So jazzed for this @wearemalikah by @womensmarch partnership to be offering pop up self defense classes this weekend for women’s march folx with @hindessayegh A post shared by rana | 𓂋𓄿𓈖𓄿 | رنا (@rabdelhamid) on Instagram: @rabdelhamed Posts: 1,363 Followers: 8,283 Following: 1,577 Abdelhamid, who is Egyptian, campaigns online for women’s rights and the Arab Spring.She’s also the person behind ‘Hijabis of New York’, which captures stories of Muslim women in New York and around the world; and founded ‘Malikah’, a grassroots movement that connects and empowers women, training them in self-defence, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and organisation.In 2017, Instagram alone revealed that it had 63 million users in the MENA region - equivalent to 10 percent of the platform’s global community.

We are committed to a world that treats all of us and our children with the dignity and respect every human deserves.And the little pleasures seemed all the sweeter for being so hard-earned.On my last night in Saudi Arabia, I gave Yaser a petrified bird's egg I'd found in a local shop, a symbol of fertility — a funny keepsake, given our sexual frustration.(We figured I'd be safe, given an unspoken rule that Westerners aren't subject to the same restrictive laws and harsh punishments as Saudi women.) My curfew was 10 p.m.In the weeks after our café outing, my relationship with Yaser bloomed.

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We talked every day and met regularly at various waterfront restaurants. Yaser frequently glanced over his shoulder, conscious of who was coming and going and whether we were being watched. Reaching over the gearshift when we were in the car together, he laced his fingers with mine and held my hand — out of sight, beneath the dashboard — while we drove down empty streets.

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